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The Pacific Western Region

What is the Pacific Western Region of the UUA?

Pacific Western

The Unitarian Universalist Association represents 1,041 liberal religious congregations across the United States. There are sixteen Districts and one Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) in North America. Each of the sixteen Districts is also part of a Region. Their mission is to serve and support local congregations and to help extend UU influence in the larger community.

What area does it cover?

The Pacific Western Region encompasses the Mountain Desert District, the Pacific Northwest District (including Alaska), the Pacific Central District (including Hawaii) and the Pacific Southwest District.

Geographically our region covers about half the country, but it contains only 19% of UUA member congregations and about 20% of all adult members of UU congregations.


What does the region do?

Regions provide resources and support to congregations.

“Our constant mission is: how do we serve our congregations in the best ways? How do we advance the work of congregations? How do we best continue in partnership with local congregations?” writes Rev. Dr. Terasa Cooley, Program and Strategy Officer of the UUA.

In order to have a range of people and a range of skills to best serve our congregations, we are moving toward a shared staff team model with a Lead in each Region.”

Who are the Pacific Western Region staff?

The Rev. Nancy Bowen serves as Regional Lead for the Pacific Western Region. She is also the District Executive for the UUA in the Mountain Desert. In her role as Regional Lead, Nancy works closely with our four District Boards to coordinate and evaluate the efforts of UUA field staff.

Meet the UUA field staff serving the districts of the Pacific Western Region on our “About Us” page.

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